Forthcoming projects

Actors and Context
Transitional Justice Context Analysis
ACT plans to undertake a detailed analysis to discern the evolution, current state, and future prospects of transitional justice, focusing on identifying emerging trends, opportunities, and potential threats, thereby informing the strategic direction of the organization.
Transitional Justice Actors Mapping
This project focuses on Conducting an extensive study to map relevant actors in Ethiopia's transitional justice landscape, including sub-regional organizations, think tanks, academic institutions, CSOs, and networks, to identify collaboration opportunities and prioritize key partners.
Criminal Accountability
Regular and Traditional Justice
This project looks into the potential role of Traditional Justice in complementing criminal accountability process in the context of Ethiopia's transitional justice.

Legal and Institutional Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of Ethiopia's current legal and institutional landscape on accountability for gross human rights violations vis-à-vis international standards.

Justice and Dialogue
Fundamental Issues of Difference
This project examines and lists the question of 'fundamental issues of difference' to elucidate the broadly defined mandate of Ethiopia's National Dialogue Commission.

National Dialogue and Transitional Justice: Making Both Work

This project aims to explore complementarity and synergy in the designing and implementation of the dual peacebuilding processes in Ethiopia: transitional justice and national dialogue.