African Center for Transitions Studies is committed to conducting evidence-based policy analysis and intervention, with a focus on performing optimal scientific research that comprehensively addresses the historical and current contexts surrounding conflict, gross human rights violations, and transitional justice mechanisms and processes. This research approach, grounded in a historical and holistic understanding of transitional contexts, is instrumental in facilitating nuanced analyses. From these analyses, the centre can derive plausible and actionable recommendations specifically tailored to the requirements and capacities of both the entities implementing and those supporting these initiatives.

In line with the Theory of Change, ACT acknowledges the complexity of violent transitions, recognizing that they neither emerge spontaneously nor dissipate quickly. Transitional Justice is, by all measures, a painstaking and lengthy process. This awareness underscores the necessity of basing analysis and interventions in transitional environments on research that meticulously identifies root causes and transitional capacity. Such research is not only about pinpointing the origins and evolution of conflict but also involves adopting a comprehensive and long-term viewpoint, aiming for transformative outcomes that address the underlying issues and foster sustainable peace and justice. This strategic approach reflects a deep commitment to understanding the full spectrum of factors contributing to transitional dynamics and devising effective, enduring solutions.