Do No Harm

ACT adheres unwaveringly to a fundamental "do no harm" principle in all its interventions, research, and policy analyses. It embraces an inclusive and conflict-sensitive approach when dealing with issues related to transitional justice and dialogue. This approach is pivotal in ensuring that its actions and recommendations prioritize the prevention of harm and the promotion of positive outcomes in contexts marked by conflict and transition. By adopting such an approach, the center aims to foster inclusivity and sensitivity towards the complex dynamics of transitional situations, thereby contributing to more effective and sustainable solutions in these challenging environments.

Even more, the centre's collaboration with other organizations is guided by the do-no-harm principle, whereby it refrains from working together with SCOs or other actors that do not meaningfully adhere to this principle. This unwavering commitment underscores the centre's dedication to maintaining ethical standards and ensuring that its alliances align with its core values of promoting peace, justice, and the avoidance of harm.